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Modern Day Gladiators

If you thought that Onager and Team Carbo were down and out after last year's crushing disappointment at the Punkin Chunkin World Championships when Bad Ash broke, guess again! - because in the year 2001....

ONAGER 2001 

This is what you can expect to see...


Team Carbo, Onager, & legions 

After a winter of rebuilding and refitting the Onager, Team Carbo marches bravely and nobly into battle, inspiring legions of faithful warriors to follow.


Hit me with your best shot! 

Team Captain Bob issues a challenge to all comers - "Go ahead, make my day!"(oops, wrong movie!)



Team Carbo and the Onager charge boldly at their opponent - no matter their size, past reputation, or how bad their trash talkin gets, instilling the onlooking crowds with wonder and awe!


Oh Yeah !!! 

Once again, thanks to team work, sweat, and medeival technology, Onager and Team Carbo prove that torsion power rules!



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