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Team Carbo Recommended Links


Punkin Chunkin Links:

World Championship Punkin Chunkin - Official web site for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association.

European Championship Pumpkin Chunkin - European version of Punkin Chunkin, held in Belgium.

Punkin Chunkin - Web site by At The Beach. You'll find photos, streaming video, and 1998 contest results.

Flying Pumpkins - a Movie about Punkin Chunkin


Web sites of other Punkin Chunkin Machines:

Torsion Division

Team Chucky - King of the Torsion Division

Team Tormentum - Creators of Mista Balista, an awesome torsion catapult.

Roman Revenge - A really great Torsion catapult, on Facebook

Team Gaul Buster - New and upcoming Torsion Catapult, on Facebook

Team Ethos - a relative newcomer to the Torsion Division

Human Powered Division

Pumpkin Slayer - A unique catapult, world record holder in the Human Powered division.

Destrier - Home of team Destrier and Fat Jimmy

Smokin Lamas - Nicknamed the Hypno-Pult

Unlimited Catapult Division

ACME Catapult - Out of Morton Illinois, a really cool unlimited class catapult that has made several TV appearances.

Loaded Boing - A regular at Punkin Chunkin for many years, has a web presence too. The world's most dangerous sling shot!

Sir Launch-a-lot - A great catapult - powered by rubber tubes.

Trebuchet Division

Team Urban Siege - Hurling in the Trebuchet division with a nice design, and an excellent web site.

Super Trebs - Web site of Merlin and King Arthur

Hokie Hurler - Another in the trebuchet division

Team Shenanigans - A Floating Axle King Arthur, or FAKA for short

Pumpkin Hammer - Current world Champions in the Trebuchet Division

First in Fright - This Trebuchet hurls like a Torsion Machine!

Launch Ness Monster - Cool trebuchet! Be sure to watch the video to see how it works.


Catapult Related Links:

the Hurl - The Ultimate Catapult resource and home of the infamous Catapult Message Board - The web site for Team Tormentum. They have built quite a variety of catapults, including the infamous Mista Balista.

Grey Company Trebuchet - Trebuchets are becoming quite the rage. Here’s a good place to learn more about them, and  find some neat links. 

Middelaldercentret. - If you want to see more authentic reconstructions of things medieval check this out   They've built an incredible Trebuchet!

Greg's Trebuchet page - Home of Team Eccentric, filled with info, pix and drawings of his Trebuchet.

Siegecraft and Defence - Here you'll find some more reconstructions of medieval siege engines at the Caerphilly Castle.

Lethal Enforcer-An Alexander Hammilton Ballista. - A Catapult  middle school students from Texas who call themselves The Legions.

Artefacts - Archaeological interpreters, seige engine specialists.

22AD Ancient & Medieval Artillery - People who live in glass houses shouldn't own trebuchets

Ratapult - Is for sale

SPAM - A great little catapulting game!

Ancient Catapults - Some history, from Scientific American article

Roman Military Research Society - Roman Artillery

Catapult Makers: Rock Stars of Antiquity - Article in National Geographic

Caerphilly Castle - Cool castle in Wales, with some cool catapults

Warwick Castle - Home of the Warwick Trebuchet and now a Balista

Comprehensive Guide to Trebuchets - Features more than just trebs. Lots of good info - suggested by students at Valley Charter School



Other Links:

The Metal Store - The one stop shop for metal - they have it all! They provide the steel tubing for the new Modioli for Onager.

Rope Inc provides Plasma Rope, made by Cortland, for the Onager Winch and Sling lines

Now for something completely different - The Medieval Diet: Foods and Recipes from the Middle Ages

Ship Vehicle Overseas - We ship all types of vehicles overseas, even the Punkin Chunkin Association's catapult.

United States Council for International Business Article featuring Team Carbo, Onager, and an ATA Carnet

Bay Design - I couldn't have built the Onager without expert help from Bay Design of Baltimore who custom manufactured some vital parts for me (Thanks Ray and Bill ).

LoneRider - the official brewery of Team Carbo and the Onager.

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