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Chunkin for Charity at

Lexington County Fair 2009

The line up of catapults ready to chunk some melons for charity.

The first in line is the classic trebuchet from VMI brought by Professor Mullins.

Very consistent and reliable, and always a crowd pleaser

Next in line was a couple of orange tossing machines...

...built by John Norcross.

King Arthur had some really nice tosses.

But of course the mighty Onager prevailed!

Here is the target we were shooting at.

It was downrange about 1,000 feet, where the brave spotters were waiting.

We were visited by confederate soldiers...

...and their inspirational leader!

On Saturday evening they put on a specal ceremony... honor John Scott, for his service and dedication. John is the director of the fair.

What a crew! But a good time was had by all!

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