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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2001

80 punkin hurling teams and their machines decended on the quiet little town of Millsboro, Delaware for a wild weekend of competition, chunkin fun, and of course a little trash talkin!

Click here to go to the Official Punkin Chunkin World Championship web site

Onager on the line 

Onager on the firing line at PC World Championships 2001. With several improvements including a beefier arm and a telescoping pursuader bar, Onager was ready for this competition.

Onager & trophys 

Team Carbo proudly displays its colors and its trophys. Onager and Team Carbo earned another trophy to add to their collection with a second place finish in the Human Powered division. All three competition throws were over 1100 feet with a best throw of 1175 feet.


New for this year, amongst other upgrades, is a torsion bundle made of polyester rope. To see how we load the rope bundle, and other upgrades for 2001 Click here


The real power of Onager comes from twisting up the torsion bundle to pre-tension it. This enables us to store more energy for the throw when we crank down the arm. The extended pursuader bar gives us even more leverage.

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