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Raleigh's G105 Punkin Chunk 2001

Onager and Team Carbo had there hands full with some very tough competition and throwing against a very strong headwind, but prevailed with another first place finish. This is the 4th annual Punkin Chunk sponsored by G105

Captain Bob 

Captain Bob came decked out in full armor - prepared for battle!

twisting the bundle 

Team Carbo cranks up the Onager by twisting the torsion bundle - the key to the Onager's power.


A good throw - and there was much rejoicing!


Here is a really nice FAT catapult (FAT= Floating Arm Trebuchet.)


Pumpkin Slayer - always tough, an excellent machine, well designed and built. They finished in second place.


Hyper Tension - coming all the way from Maryland. The weeks prior to this competition they were dishing out a lot of trash talk - but had to swallow their words when the dust of battle had settled!

Team Carbo 

Team Carbo and the Onager get a nice big check from Bob & Maddy - with a winning  toss of 1191 feet!

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