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Funk's Farm 2001 - page 2


Andy with his legion of soldiers. The Funk's Farm chunk is primarily target shooting. This year we brought our own targets to shoot at. On our very first shot we hit the soldier on the left of the picture - right where it counts - ouch!

You can see a truck with a bull's eye on it in the background - we tried all day to hit it, but only had some near misses.

3 machines 

Three very fine machines - Onager, Punkin Air, and HyperTension

Punkin Air 

Punkin Air - a truly unique and ingenious Trebuchet, took a lot of shots - in the 600 foot range.


Mankiller - based on a literal meaning of Human Powered Catapult - uses humans as counterweight.

Team Carbo rides 

Team Carbo goes for a ride on Mankiller - what a thrill!


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