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Replacing the Rope Bundle - 2001

old bundle 

Here is the old rope bundle after some test shooting during the summer of 2001. Polypropylene has worked well until now, but it's time for an upgrade to something stronger.

time to replace 

It just doesn't cut it anymore!

looking through 

Before loading the new bundle, everything is carefully prepared - edges sanded smooth, bolts tightened, etc.

beginning to pull 

Slowly and carefully we start passing the new rope through the frame, wrapping it around the skeine pipes - 600 feet of rope! This is gonna take a while!

wrap neatly 

The new rope is 3/4" diameter doouble-braided polyester rope. It's very strong, about as strong as Nylon, but with less stretch. Being double braided gives it extra abrasion resistance. We wrap it very neatly and evenly. We want to get the most rope we can in the 8 inch diameter holes.

test fire 

Once on the Onager, it's time for some testing - it works beautifully!


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