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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2003- page 1


The Onager - amidst the new Unlimited Torsion Catapult Division.

To the right of Onager is MistaBalista, and next is Chucky II.All are ready to cause some seriousdamage. Getting in the way of the launches could have you sitting in the emergency room with your San Diego personal injury lawyer. So your best bet is to get out of the way unless you wantbroken limbs!



Simply and Defiantly.....

San Diego personal injury lawyer 

The Onager is ready for for some hurling action. Note the backstop - new for this year's competition.


Team Captain Bob gets the Onager ready - he can't wait to fulfill his "calling" and to send that Punkin soaring!


New for the Onager in 2003 is a complete overhaul of the winching system...


...and a new power source mounted directly to the frame...


...but here is the real power - the Torsion Spring - over 600 feet of 3/4" braided polyester rope.The top number on the washer is 13, which means the bundle has been twisted 1 3/4 turns on each side. Twisting the bundle ain't easy.The tension needed is immense. The power of one man is not enough. You could go to your personal trainer 7 days a week or look like the Hulk, it still would be too much for you. Instead, it's best to grab your buddies to help.  It takes about 5 men - with the help of "Gold Member" - the new persuader bar.


Little does that Punkin realize it's going to be hurled over 1300 feet - 1341 to be exact! That's a world record for the Unlimited Torsion Class by the way!


The team anxiously awaits the next hurl! (No!, Not that - I'm talking about throwingpunkins!)


World Champ of the Unlimited Torsion Class - how sweet it is!


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