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Raleigh Punkin Chunk - 1999

Raleigh radio station G-105 once again sponsored a Punkin Chunk at Hillridge Farms just north of Raleigh. Competition was very tough in only the second year of this contest. Onager and Team Carbo sure had it's share of ups and downs this day!  

[Team Carbo readys the Onager]

Team Carbo captain Bob Carbo, and chief trash talker Bob James get the Onager ready for another day of competition.

[treb firing - Raleigh 99]

A trebuchet fires up a punkin. You can see Pumpkin Slayer poised majestically in the background.

[Catapult firing - Raleigh 99]

A catapult gets off a nice throw!

[Sling shot #1 - Raleigh 99]

This giant slingshot pulls back to fling one......

[Sling shot #2 - Raleigh 99]

....and away it goes!

[Onager - release]

Team Carbo captain Bob Carbo pulls on the release rod to fire the Onager...

[Onager firing #1]'s going...

[Onager firing #2]


[Onager - fired]


[Onager's misfire - OUCH!!!]

Not all our shots went so well however - this one for instance didn't quite land where I wanted it to. The problem turned out to be a weak link - a piece of worn rope on the sling that just had enough.

[I hate when that happens!]

That's my own brand new truck by the way - I hate when that happens!

[Melon Musketeers - air cannon]

Here are the Melon Muskateers - they brought this pedal powered air cannon all the way from Florida.

[Musketeers prepare to fire]

[Melon Musketeers - front view]

Another view of the Melon Muskateer air cannon. They are used to throwing watermelons, and in fact had never shot a pumpkin with this air cannon until this contest.

[Thanks everyone!]

Team Carbo and the Onager settle for a third place finish. They are presented also with a bucket full of money which was collected by the audience to help pay for a new windshield - many thanks to all the gracious folks who contributed!

[The winners!]

Melon Muskateers accept their first place prize - a check for $1,000. But that's not all - in a display of tremendous sportsmanship and generosity, they also presented Team Carbo with $100 towards the replacement of the broken windshield!

Thanks guys - that took the edge off of getting beat and breaking the windshield.Although it was upsetting to see the brand new truck smashed by our own weapon, the donations gave us a sigh of relief. We wouldn't have to worry about insurance claims or acquiring new military personal loans to cover the repair costs. We appreciate everyone's charity!

[The Musketeers and Team Carbo]

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