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Pumpkin Hurling in Busti, New York

October 10, 1999

The Busti Volunteer Fire Company sponsored it's 6th annual Punkin Hurling contest to help raise funds for the fire company. The fire house was nice enough to put us up for the night and gave us a great spaghetti dinner the night before the contest. A special thanks to Chet Ellis and John Siggins for all their hospitality.


[Catapults at Busti] 

The contestants in the catapult division set up their machines.


[Gregg gives the high sign] 

Gregg Bradstock of Team Carbo checks out the competition.


[Onager at Busti] 

Team Carbo gets the Onager ready. As usual, the Onager appears dwarfed by the much taller competition - but we have learned that looks can be deceiving and besides - size doesn't matter!


[Hyper Tension at Busti] 

Hypertension - a long time rival of the Onager - also gets ready for the competition.


[Gene's Machine at Busti] 

Gene's Machine - World Champs - prepare their machine. Their design is simple yet very effective - extension springs which power the arm - and a long sling on the end of the arm to hurl the pumpkin.


[Onager lets one fly] 

Onager gets off a shot - you can see the pumpkin - it's that dot at the top center of the picture.


[One big air cannon] 

Chet Ellis has his own toy air cannon - he calls it Common Sense.


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