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Team Carbo at the 1999 World Championship Punkin Chunkin


Team Carbo banner 

Team Carbo proudly displays it's new banner - Thanks Tia!


Onager cranks - media watches 

Even the intense media attention does not distract Team Carbo once they begin cranking up the mighty Onager.


[Skiene Rope - Torsion Bundle] 

Here is the power source for the Onager - over 700 feet of 3/4" diameter poly rope. This rope bundle forms the torsion spring which, when twisted very tightly, generates some awesome pressure.


[the team grunts] 

Speaking of awesome pressure - Gregg bradstock, Paul Carbo, and Gary Fichter put their backs into it as they pull down on the end of the 9 foot "Pursuader Bar". This bar gives us much needed leverage to twist the torsion bundle.


[attaching the cable] 

Once the torsion bundle is twisted tight, the team attaches the winch cable to the arm. Here you can see this year's cable boy - Gary - handing the cable to Team Captain Bob, who will hook it to the top secret, custom engineered, release mechanism that connects the cable to the arm. Paul, at the far right, is unwinding the winch by hand to let the cable out.


Wow! Just look at how big that thing is! 

 Here you get a unique look up at the arm of the Onager, as Paul begins pedaling the winch to cock the arm back into firing position, creating intense tension which builds and builds as the machine prepares to fire off another projectile in a majestic climax of thrusting power. I still don't get why some people say this is some kind phallic symbol!?


[Andy cranks the Onager] 

"Bad Ash", the nickname given to the ash arm, comes down as Paul pumps the flywheel assisted recumbant winch pedalling system. Paul trains diligently all year long for this role - putting in miles of mountain biking and running marathons.


[attaching the sling] 

Bob attaches the sling while Paul takes a brief pause from pedalling the winch. Just as the machine experiences much tension as the arm is cocked back, so does the team, as they anticipate another throw.

Onager throws 1,119 feet! 

And there she goes - another pumpkin launched into the wild blue yonder!


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