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Team Carbo at the 1999 World Championship Punkin Chunkin - page 2

Onager License Plate 

Team Carbo and the Onager, based in North Carolina - giving new meaning to the phrase "First in Flight"


Bob filing 

These majestic launches don't just happen, however. Many fine details must be attended to - here Bob files the pin in the end of the arm. The pin had to be replaced as it bent back on one of our shots, creating a misfire. The old pin was made from a 3/8" bolt, bent under the pressure of the Onager's tension at the point of release. The new pin is 1/2" thick - that ought to do it......for now.


[fixing the sling] 

Here Bob is working on a new sling, having to improvise in the field. This kind of thing is a typical part of Punkin Chunkin - especially when the competition is intense, and we're really cranking it up! The sling we had been using was leather - the thickest I could find. It tore as we increased tension on the torsion spring. You can see the torn corner on the leather piece under Bob's left hand. The new sling was made from a nylon tow strap - very strong!


[grunts in action] 

Let's not forget the muscle behind this operation - we need lots of beef to torque this baby up. Gary and Gregg show what real men can do! 


A couple of shrewd competitors 

And of course one of the most important aspects of Championship Punkin Chunkin is selecting the right Punkin - it has to be just the right size, weight, and shape - and it needs the necessary visual characteristics - after all this is a "Top-Flite".


Paul & Bob 

The heart and soul of Team Carbo, or is the guts and brains, or maybe it's the blood and sweat, well any way it's Paul and Bob Carbo - chillin on Sunday morning, waiting their chance to chunk some more punkins.



And the man responsible for these great photos, so that you too can share the great American Punkin Chunkin experience- Scott Fichter! If Scott wasn't capturing great moments of the Onager on film or video, he was sure to be down range getting footage of other machines - so we kept in contact via 2-way radios - "Scott, come in Scott, where are you Scott?..I mean what's your 20 Scott?...... 6-2 and even, over and out".


Team Carbo Shield 


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