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Punkin Chunkin Highlights From Past Years

[Team Carbo and Onager] 

Punkin Chunkin Onager - 1997


[Team Carbo and Onager at PC 97] 

Team Carbo takes a brief respite from the intense competition to pose for the Media, while on their way to a second place finish at the 1997 World Punkin Chunkin Championships. From left to right - Bob Carbo, Greg Bradstock, and Paul Carbo.




[Onager at test site] 

Here is the Onager several weeks before the upcoming 1997 competition, prepared for some test hurling. The arm shown here actually snapped in two during the Punkin Chunkin competition in Deleware, but Team Carbo rallied to get off a third and final throw (using a spare arm) of 581 feet for an exciting and dramatic 2nd place finish.


1997was our third year at the World Punkin Chunkin Championships and our best finish up to that time. In 1995, we finished fourth with a throw of 246 feet ,and in 1996 we launched a pumpkin 393 feet. We've been working hard since then to improve and upgrade the Onager, and in fact these efforts continue even as you read this.  If you would like to know more about how we built the Onager and how it works, go to Page 2:Onager Details

      [Onager at PC 96]

Team Carbo about to launch another pumpkin with the mighty ONAGER at the 1996 Punkin Chunkin Championships in Lewes, Delaware.


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