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Florida Fling logo 

Team Carbo and the Onager go to Florida for some flingin and some fun !

Waddy Thompson and his gang of Melon Musketeers invited us down to the beautiful swamps of Florida for some melon tossing. He and his friends were very gracious, rolling out the red carpet for us - O.K. so it wasn't red carpet, actually more like meadow muffins! They did put on a nice barbecue, provided lots of cold drinks, and of course lots of melons and pumpkins for hurling. 

 the Team at Fla 

Team Carbo arrives in Ft. Myers after a long drive from North Carolina. Along the way we were greeted at every gas station and pit stop with the usual "What the hell is that?"


WHOOAAHH!!! We knew there were gators around here - but I thought they were talking about the college football team!

in the Gulf 

Here we are in the Gulf - hey we deserve a little R&R after wrasslin with that ol gator!!! Enough of the travel log - it's chunkin time!


"fans" flock 

It seems that where ever Team Carbo travels, our fans come flocking to greet us!    "No autographs now ladies, we're trying to set up the Onager!"


Gregg the ham 

There's Gregg - you can be sure that if there's a camera nearby, he's hamming it up.


crankin up 

Team Carbo begins to crank up the Onager. In the background is one of the Melon Musketeer air canons.


Andy the machine 

Andy serves as our ever reliable human cranking machine. Behind him on the ground is some ammo - white pumpkins and watermelons. They were the right size and weight, but most of them exploded on release -  a problem all the machines faced this day. Of the ones that held together, we were tossing them about 900 feet.

The real team 

Team Carbo - in the true sense of the word - that's Captain Bob on the left, Andy pedaling, and Dear old Dad on the right. Oh, and thanks Mom for taking this picture!


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