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Fla Fling logo 

Waddy and his canon 

Here's Waddy Thompson and his "small" melon musket shooter. That contraption on the right is an air cylinder that can be pumped up using pedal power. This provides the air pressure to shoot the pumpkins. He and the Melon Musketeers used this at Raleigh last year to win that competition( but that was last year). 


A big-un 

This is their big air cannon - why it looks like a huge ........

Gregg on skis 

.........Johnson makes boat motors powerful enough to pull skiers like Gregg here.


Andy on skis 

Andy tries his hand at skiing, but gets a mouthful of Florida water instead.


Pulverized pulp 

Back to the fling - one of the melon muskets pulverizes a melon!


Skyward melon 

Here is Waddy's machine shooting a melon almost straight up. One of the coolest shots of the day was when they fired a bowling ball out of the big air canon. It whistled as it flew, then actually created a sonic boom as it sailed off over the tree tops!


Onager with crane scale 

Waddy brought us a crane scale, so we hooked it up to the Onager and started to crank down the arm. Because of the size of the scale and the hardware necessary to attach it, we couldn't crank the arm down as far as when we're actually shooting. You can see the arm, Bad Ash, is at an angle. When we shoot, we crank it down until it's parallel to the ground.


crane scale close-up 

2,200 Lbs. Those last several feet of cranking are always the hardest, so who knows how much tension is there when it's cranked all the way down!

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