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Summer Chunkin 2000


preparing Onager 

 Team captain Bob, and latest new team recruit Rick Franklin, begin to set up the Onager for some testing at Frank's farm near Durham, NC. Frank is a friend of Marc and Tony Banka, who also brought Pumpkin Slayer out for some chunkin.


new Flywheel 

 Here is one of the new features of Onager 2000. That's a new flywhel assembly, thanks to the ever gracious, if not slightly wacky, Melon Musketeers, headed by Waddy Thompson. This new flywheel makes it even easier to pedal the winch for cocking the arm. it's also positioned farther from the Onager frame - making it safer.


Bob with shovel 

 Here I am checking out the ground. We found it was too hard to dig a sufficient hole - thus thwarting some of our test efforts. We did get some shots off, and we experimented with the sling position.


Attaching release 

 I'm attaching the all new and safe Sea Catch toggle release - it worked great! Unfortunately you can't see it here - the arm is in the way.



 What can I say - the picture says it all!


 Below are some links to some animated GIFs which show the Onager hurling some projectiles. That are all not so glamorous, but they do let you see the action of the arm and sling, as well as what "practice" is all about.






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