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Funk's Farm - 9/30/2000

On a beautiful fall day in Pennsylvania a group of seasoned punkin chunkers gathered to do some "serious" chunkin. There were 4 catapults and 4 air cannons, all shooting for a car parked in the field, or just shooting for distance. The cause was a noble one - to help raise money for Leukemia. Several thousand people came out to see the chunkers and we all had a great time.

Team Carbo 

Team Carbo with the Onager at Funk's Farm near Lancaster, PA.

Onager sites up target 

The contest today is one of accuracy - the target is a car which is 550 feet away. Bob eyes up the target to get the Onager ready. That's Pumpkin Slayer next to the Onager - another majestic catapult from North Carolina.

Andy cranks 

Andy cranks on the new flywheel assembly to get ready for another shot at the target. You can see Hypertension in the background.


pedaling machine 

Andy continues to crank - he is a lean mean pedaling machine. We rely on brute strength - we don't need no stinking motors, as some other catapults used, we've got Andy!

cable boy! 

Bob ensures the winch is winding the cable properly as the arm comes down. You can barely make out the target - a car - at the top of the hill just above the right skiene pipe.

attaching sling 

Here Team Carbo attaches the sling to the Onager which is now fully cocked. Notice the arm "Bad Ash" is slightly bowed under the pressure - Andy displays great wisdom in getting the heck out of there as soon as he can!


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