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Funk's Farm 2000 Page 2

punkin in sling 

The pumpkin is in the sling and ready to be hurled.

close-up of arm & pin 

Here is a close-up of the end of the arm with the sling attached. You can also see the new Sea-Catch toggle release at the bottom of the picture.


Looking things over before a launch.


Funk's Farm 2000 - Page 4



Captain Bob is ready to pull the release and hurl another punkin at the car.


Team Carbo was determined to hit the target. The Onager was in good form today, getting off shot after shot, many just barely missing the mark, but then - Bullseye!!!

The Onager scored a direct hit on the hood of the car - the only direct hit of the day!



Here Hypertension gets ready to let one fly. They chunked one for a distance of 1300 feet! That's hurlin baby!


John looks over Onager 

John Huber of Hypertension comes over to get a closer look at this truly magnificent machine - can't really blame him can you?!


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