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Summer Chunkin 2000

Here are some of the new features of Onager 2000

a beginning 

We decided to completely replace the torsion rope bundle, and we did some grinding on the skiene pipes to reduce the wear on the rope.

long day! 

Replacing the torsion bundle is no small task. We used  a single spool of 3/4" poly rope - 600 feet long! This took Gregg and I over 4 hours to wind onto the skiene pipes - with a little help from Rascal.

new bundle 

There it is - brand spankin new!



Speaking of new - dig this new flywheel! About 100 lbs of flywheel - good for generating some momentum! I've also rigged up some derailers so we can shift on the fly.


Hard Hat 

Another new addition to the Onager is mandatory hard hats for all team members.


Bob on Flywheel 

Here I am testing out the new flywheel - piece of cake!


Onager & Slayer 

Here we are at Frank's farm near Durham, NC. That's Pumpkin Slayer back there - an awesome machine with a unique design.


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