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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000

What a year it has been! The thrill of victory at Lancaster and Raleigh, and the agony of defeat in Delaware. Such is the life of a Punkin Chunker.

Team Carbo was determined to "go for broke" - and that's just what we did. I guess you could say we "busted our ash!" Bad Ash broke on Sunday morning - on a practice shot just before our final competition throw - but Team Carbo did not give up - we made two attempts to repair the arm and did have a chance to get a final throw made - but the punkin busted again. It's frustrating to not get on the boards, but I am proud of the efforts of Team Carbo - I think my brother Andy sums it up well in his message below:

 "I was as proud as ever to be a member of Team Carbo. Many would of just bagged it after the arm broke, packed up and gone home but we fought like cornered dogs to the last knowing full well our shot wouldnt of gone that far anyway. We walked to the edge of Onager's limits and lived to tell aboput it. We'll be back. As Napoleon said "My downfall raises me to infinite heights" or in this case distances."


Onager awaits 

Onager sits poised to chunk some punkin in Delaware. Expectations are high at this point for Onager to throw farther than ever before.

Team Carbo cranks 

Team Carbo members Stephen Whittam and Gregg Bradstock encourage Andy Carbo to pedal the new Flywheel which is cranking down the infamous arm known as "Bad Ash", while team Captain Bob Carbo supervises. Some of you who remember last year's performance at Raleigh may be wondering why anyone would park their vehicle so close to the Onager when it's loaded - so are we! 

Sling technology 

Team Carbo does some strategizing about the sling set-up as we have been having a terrible time exploding pumpkins when we try to hurl them. We finally did get things working right by Saturday evening and got off some beautiful long practice shots. One observer noted that some of the practice shots landed several hundred feet beyond that bus you see way out there in the field(to the right of the white sign).

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Special thanks go to all who contributed pictures of PC 2000 to Onager Online: Scott Fichter, John Harvey, Mark Denlinger, Eric Ludlum, and Rich Dolesh.

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