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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000

Team Carbo 2000 

Team Carbo members for 2000:

Team Captain ..........................Bob Carbo(center)
Co-Captain & Chief Pedaler ...Andy Carbo(left, kneeling)
Ideas Guy, Cable Man,& Team Motivator ..Gregg Bradstock(standing)
Pursuader Man #1 ..............George Whittam (2nd from
Pursuader Man #2 ................Stephen Whittam (right

 I also want to express my thanks to Jim Durnam and Gene's Machine who displayed World Champion sportsmanship by being the first to offer tools and assistance when Bad Ash first broke.We also had help from other teams like Pumpkin Slayer, Hypertension, and Punkin Putter - all displaying true Punkin Chunkin spirit - thanks guys!


Melon Musketeer and Team Carbo 

Andy and Bob of Team Carbo pose with Rocky Robbins - captain of the Acme Spookey Bazookey - winners of the Human Powered Division with a Human Powered Air Cannon. The Spookey Bazookey is right behind us.

 Congratulations to Waddy Thompson and his Spookey Bazookey, a human powered air canon - a truly amazing machine - the new Human Powered World Champ.

 Also, Congratulations to Acme Catapult Co. - new Unlimited Catapult Champs - an awesome machine guys!


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