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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000

Here are just a few of the 80 machines who competed at the PC World championships this year.

arial view of PC 2000 

A beautiful arial view of World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2000 - from the Goodyear Blimp?!


Human Powered Division- page 1

Spookey Bazookey 

The new World Champ of the Human Powered Division - The Acme Spookey Bazookey - they came all the way from the swamps of Florida!

Gene's Machine 

5 time World Champion - Gene's Machine. Those trophys in the forground are just a few of the ones they have earned.


Hypertension - an impressive machine - it's performance perhaps only outdone by the amount of engineering put into it!


Hypertension lets one loose!


Slayer!!! This cry was heard over and over again throughout the weekend from exhillerated fans as Pumpkin Slayer continually lofted many a gourd into the wild blue yonder. Here Mark and Tony Banka, the creators of Slayer, prepare to satisfy their fans once more.


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