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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000

Air Cannons-page1

Air Cannons 

27 air cannons competed in Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000

Old Glory 

New World Champ in the Unlimited Air Cannon Division - Old Glory.  It's good to see these guys win it - they've been at it for quite a few years, and have always been crowd pleasers.

Big Ten Inch 

Last years champs, with the trophy, surrounded by controversy this year.

Universal Soldier 

Universal Soldier - they've won a few World Championships in there time.

Waddy atop Melon Musket 

Waddy watches one fly from the Acme Melon Musket - notice the wrench in his hand - in true bubba-neering form he gave the valve release a good wack with it to fire the cannon!

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