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Punkin Chunkin World Championships 2000


Junk Yard Chunker 

Junk Yard Chunker was just that - a trebuchet built entirely from junkyard parts....

Junkyard Chunker's counterweight 

....even using a an engine block and various junkyard metals for the counterweight.

Junkyard Chunker & Man Killer 

Here is Junk Yard Chunker, next to the mighty Man Killer!

Man Killer 

You can see where it gets it's name Man Killer - four men ride this treb as the counterweight - truly human powered!


Another one of many trebs to be seen at Punkin Chunkin 2000 - trebuchets had there own division this year. You can also see an historical recreation of a medeival treb in the background.

Neat treb! 

Here is the Historical Treb - a beautiful piece of workmanship - it was originally built to hurl kegs of beer in a commercial.

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