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World Punkin Chunkin Championships - 1998


"Size Doesn't Matter"

[Team Carbo and Onager at PC 98] 

Team Carbo 1998 at the World Punkin Chunkin Championships in Delaware -left to right: #1 Grunt and Cable Boy Gregg Bradstock, Team Captain Bob Carbo, Team Trash Talker Bob James, and (seated) Chief Pedalist Paul Carbo. Not pictured is Horn Man and Team "Doctor" Mickey Fenzel.


AAA-OOO-GAHH!  794 Feet!!!

Onager and Team Carbo had an incredible time at the 1998 World Championship Punkin Chunk in Delaware. The Onager, under the operation of a truly synergistic team effort, threw an 8 lb. punkin 794 feet! This was the best ever throw for the Onager, and landed a second place finish in the Human Powered Division at the World Championships. The Onager out-distanced a number of much larger and more high tech and sophisticated machines, as well as silencing the cocky talk of their team members, proving once again that     "Size Doesn't Matter".

In addition to all the fun that was had at the Punkin Chunkin Championships, the Punkin Chunkin Association, who sponsored this event, was able to donate over $30,000 to various area charities from the proceeds of the contest.  


[Gregg and Bob ready the Onager] 


Members of Team Carbo prepare the Onager for another chunk. Cable Boy Gregg is pulling out the winch cable while Captain Bob back pedals to uncrank the winch. Once the cable is out far enough it is attached to the top of the oak arm. When the cable is attached, it's Paul Carbo's turn at the recumbent style pedaling device which powers the winch to cock the oak arm back. Paul was an incredible pedaling machine himself as he never tired of cranking the big oak arm back and watching those punkins fly.  


Below, Paul Carbo and Bob James twist up the skein pipes to torque up the rope torsion bundle while Captain Bob Carbo and Gregg Bradstock skillfully attach the winch cable to the oak arm using a top secret triggering mechanism, specially designed for the Onager. You will also notice on the right side of the picture  forth place finishers Hypertension III, quite a "high tech" machine, but unfortunately no match for the medieval technology of the Onager and the Synergy of Team Carbo.

[Team Carbo working to get the Onager ready for another shot] 


[Onager as a car in it's sights] 

With the oak arm cocked all the way back until it is horizontal, the sling is attached to the arm and a carefully chosen projectile is placed in it. A rod is inserted into the triggering mechanism that when pulled back releases the arm which in turn slings the punkin. At right, the Onager has a target in it's site, an orange station wagon out in the field about 600 feet away. Though Team Carbo took many shots at the car, the Onager was never able to score a direct hit.Many of the punkins, however, landed within just a few feet of the target, amazing and delighting the onlooking crowd. You can also see the trophy perched atop the left side of the machine which the Onager won at the Raleigh Punkin Chunkin Contest a week earlier.



Below, members of Team Carbo do some celebrating of their synergistic team efforts which earned them a second place finish with an amazing throw of 794 feet. Left to right - Bob James, Gregg Bradstock, Bob Carbo, and Mickey Fenzel (not pictured, but there in spirit, Paul Carbo).

[Team Carbo celebrating at PC 98] 


[Bob accepts the trophy] 


Team Captain Bob Carbo, on behalf of Team Carbo and the Onager, accepts the second place trophy (and the prestigious hats) for the Human Powered Division at the World Championship Punkin Chunkin awards ceremony.



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