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Catapult Wars 2001:

Onager in Opryland

Catapult Wars Logo 

"this baby can sing!"

page 3

onager and treb 

Here is an onager style catapult - you don't see too many of these around, but this one looks well built. The trebuchet behind it, another nice catapult, was built by Troop 592, which won the distance competition.

best design 

Here is another trebuchet style catapult built by Troop 85 - this one won the best design contest. Like all the catapults here, it was designed, built, and operated by the Scouts.

more catapults 

Here are some more of the Scout's catapults. This one in the foreground earned the nickname "the beast". The other catapults consisted of counterweight trebuchets and traction trebuchets - and one other nice looking onager catapult, complete with wooden wheels.

traction - 1 

Here is one of the traction trebuchets in action, built and operated by Troop 571 - "Heave......

traction - 2 

.........Ho!" These guys had some really nice throws - very high and majestic. They relied on a simple design, and great teamwork.


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