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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2007



When Team Carbo arrives at the field on Wednesday night, they find Team Chucky hard at work setting up their machine. Here they are digging a massive "Carbo hole"



Digging continues - until they hit what was rumored to be the foundations of the Great Wall of China! The all important bottle of Wild Turkey provides all the motivation that is needed!



Thursday morning Onager set-up begins. Capt Bob begins twisting the anchors in - they are 4 ft long, used for anchoring mobile homes. With the longer arm, the Onager needs anchoring to keep it from jumping when firing.



Team Chucky's latest throwing arm - made of Hickory and aluminium.



Once Onager is all set-up, it's time for the official safety inspection.



Adrian, of Team Chucky, shows off one of their new tools - everything on Chucky is oversized - I wonder what they're trying to compensate for?



Team Chucky members Adam, Danny, and Mark assault Capt Bob with their typical barrage of trash talk - but as usual, Capt Bob is undaunted.



Roman Revenge arrives on the scene with a whole new machine - the competition is quick to check it out.


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