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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2007

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Capt Bob - A.K.A. the Grandfather of Torsion, gets ready for some more hurlin!



Team Chucky begins the long and careful process of winding the rope bundle onto their machine.



Roman Revenge team members Kim and Jordan Moore, (father & son) erect the frame for there new age style Torsion machine.



Wearing their respective team gear, Adam and Capt Bob meet on the field of battle!



Capt Bob recieves congrats after the first round of shooting.



Onager's pursuader bar - affectionately referred to as "Goldmember" - between two practice bowling balls - the one on the right is called the Whistler!



Roman Revenge - fully assembled and ready for Punkin Chunkin!This is a very impressive machine which launched one over 2,000 feet and earned a second place trophy!



Team Chucky begines to torque the bundle. Like an old Amish barn raising, whenever a torsion team needs to torque up, all other teams come and lend a hand.


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