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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2007

Page 3


Scotty, AKA Bumpy, sits atop Chucky II - seems the perfect place to quaff an ale!


Team Carbo comes to the chunk ready to rumble - even our women ..... especially our women!



Here's a big man - I mean Frank Shade, the president of the Punkin Chunkin Association of course!



Speaking of big, this is Merlin, the much awaited new trebuchet built by Chris Gerow, who has been so successful with King Arthur in recent years. This is an engineering marvel - but man is it tall! It's still not yet up to full speed - we'll have to wait another year to see it at 100% power.



This is United Flingdom - the old Scapeheap Challenge centrifigal from two years ago. It's been refurbished so it looks much less like it came from a junk yard.



No Chunk is complete without some problem - this year it was with Matt's car - but with a little elbow grease and assistance from fellow chunkers,  it's a piece of cake!



Costa Mantis, at the left, is putting together a documentry called "Flying Pumpkins". Here he hires a high speed video camera to get footage of some of our shots during the free fire.



Michelle and Rich look up to their Captain - cause he's up on top of the Onager hooking up the cable to the throwing arm!



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