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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2007

Page 4



Gregg prepares to fire the ONAGER - no wonder he's smiling!



There it goes - out of the Carbo hole and into the sky!



That launch was caught on high speed video - we all gathered around to watch it with amazement!



Gregg still can't get over the thrill of firing the ONAGER!



Roman Revenge takes a look at some nice Luminas that Capt Bob has stored in his Punkin locker - it's not at all unusual for Torsion teams to help each other in any way we can, but maybe what we really need help with is our hats!



Mista Balista powers up - you can see the arms beginning to bend under that tension!



Team Carbo rookie Rich was lent out to Pumpkin Slayer who are in the human powered division. Rich is an avid and well trained cyclist - he did a great job cranking their machine for them.



Queen Is-a-fella!Now thats a lotta woman!


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