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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2007

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This Tee Pee is the site of a big pow-wow attended late at night by Adam, myself, Michelle, Steve, and John Huber - these Tee Pees can hold a whole lot of hot air!



This is what's left after Hyper-Tension intentionally dry fired - they had to when they discovered some major cracks and breakage as they began to cock the arm down - there was  just no safer way to do it, even though it meant sacrificing the whole machine.



Eric Ludlam of Mista Balista supports his son Trevor with their Hatra Balista in the youth division - they came in second place with a throw of 330 feet - Torson Rules!



Little Hyper is the product of the children of Hyper-Tension's team.



Speaking of youthful - here's Rich Bruner. In his first year involved in Punkin Chunkin he served on two teams - Team Carbo and Pumpkin Slayer - and earned two medals - not bad for a rookie!



Team Chucky being interviewed by Costa Mantis. These guys rock with their machine Chucky II - the fiercest catapult on the planet. They set a new offcial record for the Torsion class with a toss of 2152 feet and an unofficial throw on Friday of 3070 feet! Torsion Rules!


The Torsion Class gathers to do some R & D on pumkins.



The Onager's side frame supports began to get crushed during the course of the weekend - thus much of our torquing power went into compressing wood and bending 1/2 inch steel plate, rather than into our throws. Still we had a personal best of 1645 feet and a third place finish. We have some work to do to rectify this, but you can be sure, we'll be back!




Here is a bundle of 1 inch doublebraided polyester rope - 600 feet of it. Team Chucky had tried it but wasn't happy with it, so Adam cut me a nice deal I couldn't refuse. This wll be a big help to us for next year.



Team Carbo for 2007 - left to right Matt Keller, Capt Bob Carbo, Michelle Mayfield, Steve Whittam, Gregg Bradstock, and "Little" Rich Bruner. Not pctured is Andy Carbo.



As the sun sets on yet another great year of Punkin Chunkin, echoing cries can be heard throughout the land ......



.....Torsion Rules!


Special thanks to Steve Whittam, Matt Keller, Mike Sanders, and Marc Banka who provided the excellent photos here.


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