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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2008

WCPC 2008 started off well enough - we had a nice supply of Lumina Pumpkins for hurling.

Practice throws on Thursday went very well - everything seemed to be working fine.

Matt was getting psyhed up for the competition -

While Steve chatted with John Loomis of the Roman Revenge team

Capt Bob and first mate Michelle get the Onager ready for it's first throw of the competition on Friday.

You can see that the new Onager can pull the arm down much farther, thanks to a lot of reworking of the frame and interior supports. This also eliminates the need for a "Carbo hole" as the sling is tucked under the machine.

The Onager gets off a best ever throw of 1786 feet, with plenty of torque and power to spare - expectations are running high for the weekend at this point.

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