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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2008, page2

While Capt Bob takes the sling down, Andy inspect the Onager.

The official drink of Team Carbo and the whole Torsion Division - great for celebrating or just keeping warm on a chilly Delaware day.

Saturday's throw eneded in PIE! You can see a piece of wood flying into the air behind Onager - this is the likely cause. It was serving as a shelf attached to the winch to catch the SeaCatch, but it caught the sling instead.

Here's a look of most of the Torsion line from Roman's Revenge viewpoint  - Onager, Mista Balista, Chucky, and the 2 new teams - Ethos and Gaul Buster.

Capt Bob and the team begin doing some slight mods on Staurday afternoon.

Initial testing on Saturday was going well - at first...

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