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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2008, page 3

The first big problem struck Saturday during testing. One of the new Modioli gave out, and it looked pretty bad!

The Bundle was a mess, but no rope broke.

Mark Gussen of Team Chucky convinces Bob that all is not lost - an onfield repair is possible! 

In a couple of hours, thanks to help from Team Chucky and the guys of Mista Balista, a new repaired but improved Modioli is ready to go.

But more help is needed - Bob discusses plans for Saturday night with Kim Moore of Roman Revenge.

With a lot of help from Roman Revenge and Team Chucky, Team Carbo works until after midnight on Saturday to get the new bundle wound, and the throwing arm in place. This is one of the reasons I like being a part of the Torsion Divison - everyone is willing to pitch in and help the other teams.

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