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Science Fair 2010 at UNC Chapel Hill

Team Carbo arrives at the UNC Science Fair to showcase some of their smaller machines.

The Catapult is a great tool to help make physics interesting to students.  

Jordan Moore educates some spectators about catapults at the UNC Science Fair. Elementary andmiddle school students are in attendance.


Bob hurls a rubber ball with Mini-Me, while the crowd looks on.The action of hurling involves a number of scientific processes including physics, mechanics, and ballistics.


A curious spectator watches intently as Bob prepares another shot.




Bob expounds on the intricacies of Hurling.


The arm is cocked and safety bar is in place as Bob sets the release trigger.


Kids of all ages enjoyed the demonstration.


This one gets a hands-on lesson about Jordan’s whipper.


Punkin Chunkin gets some PR.


Tommy Abbott shows off the General at the fair. Pumpkin Slayer was also on display. Both were popular draws.


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