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World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2009

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On the other side of us was Roman Revenge.

They had a lot of repair work to do on their machine from last year, but they are real gamers.

In addition to doing a lot of reinforcing on their machine, they had a whole new arm, which wasn't finished until 2 days before the chunk.

It was quite a job getting it into the bundle way up there!

Team Captain Kim gets his crew and machine ready for the competition - they took second place this year.

You can see the Onager in the background.

The much anticipated Chucky III showed up, but had never been fired, and wasn't finished being built.

Scotty works on the brakes. They spent most of the weekend working frantically getting the machine ready for it's maiden shot.

Thier first shot was on Sunday, and with a distance of 1,000 feet was not a bad first shot - but far short of living up to it's nickname of "Canon Killer".

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