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WCPC 2010 – page 6


With renewed vigor, the team adds more power to Onager, with some help from our Torsion buddies – Torque it up Baby!!!


Team Gaul Buster is ready for some Chunkin!


Their captain, Glenn Battsinger, has been serving in Afghanistan, but that didn’t stop him from doing some chunkin – Team Spartan.



Meanwhile, Kim is interviewed by Jamie Hineman of the Myth Busters – he will co-host the special on Discovery Channel about PunkinChunkin.


Matt and Steve can’t resist the photo op!


Steve is obviously very excited about the hole thing!


Bob suits up as he readies himself for battle!



 Click here for video of the Onager, chunk by chunk, at WCPC 2010.



It’s time to Celebrate!!!


Torsion Rules!


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