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Torsion Class at World Championship Punkin Chunkin 2006


Click here for video of Torsion Class 2006.



Bob & Michelle's Wedding at the 2006 Punkin Chunkin World Championships.

Click here for video of the Wedding





 Gregg helps Bob get ready for the big event.



 Minister Cathleen gives words of encouragement to Lady Michelle ("are you sure you want to go through with this?")



 The ceremony begins with a wine ritual. (the Wild Turkey comes later)



 Sir Bob toasts his lovely new bride - Huzzah!



 Pledges are made while exchanging rings containing symbols of the mystical Chalice Well.


 To culminate the ceremony, Andy hands Sir Bob & Lady Michelle the trigger of Onager to hurl a pumpkin, thus launching their new life together.



 The Happy Couple.


 The wedding party -  (left to right), Michelle's Dad Ray, Bob's daughter Amanda, Lady Michelle, Sir Bob, Bob's son Ryan, Michelle's Mom Pat



 Lady Michelle & Sir Bob share a drink - now's time for the Wild Turkey!


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