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 Onager World Tour 1999

World Map 



[Onager at the White House] 

As the Onager has grown so has the need for more space at our test facility (especially since crowds begin to gather when we shoot) . Team Carbo therefore has embarked upon a quest - to find the perfect test ground and target for the all new and mighty Onager. Here are a few snapshots of our world wide quest.


Our first site was somewhat out of the way, and very patriotic, but we were a little worried about "defacing" government property.

Onager in the Rockies 

Next we headed north, to the great Canadian Rockies - the beer was great, but the weather a bit too nippy for this southern boy.


Overseas seemed the logical next stop. In Europe we found a great target, but you know those Frenchmen - they're so anti-american.



At last the perfect target - there's nothing like a castle seige on a sunday afternoon!


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